Hey, everyone! (Anyone who's still listening, anyway). I'm still trying to read your blog posts. You guys have a freaking awesome community here and I like everyone I've met.
I'm frustrated because it's easy to post but almost impossible to comment. When I visit your blogs, it crashes my computer while loading either the site or "Post a comment". I'm still reading, though, just call me a lurker.

But again, you guys are awesome. I met many of you through L's blog and thanks for welcoming me the way you did. I'll keep batting for WP and I'm sure you will do the same for LC, it's all good, LOL. Thanks all of you for being my friend. Maybe if I can find a way to cross-post here I could be more present. Here's a photo of my cat, for a cold winter day.  

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Ah, this is such a nice quiet place! I just stopped over here from Wordpress. The atmosphere is totally different. Everything here is fairly straightforward, and Livecloud does not give me attitude. WP is giving me attitude today. And they're getting rid of BlogSurfer. Are they nuts??

It's so mellow here. I enjoy visiting you guys (and by "you guys" I mean, LOM and Dewitte. You're my only friends so far, but that's all I really need! Quality over quantity. Thanks amigos for helping me out. I'm getting used to this, it's a friendly format as much as I can see.

I found this picture from our St. Thomas visit - we were going out to dinner and I was approached by one of the many strays on the island. The restaurant, in cooperation with many other businesses and some humane association, feeds and shelters the strays as a show of compassion. Not perfect but I was impressed that they were willing to do so, especially a restaurant!

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Wow, this blog site is strange! I am going to need some peppermint ice cream after this. Oh well, at least I can find my Vox friends now! 

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